Two eco HOUSES

The practice has recently obtained approval for the construction of two detached homes in North Somerset.  The proposed houses are designed to accord with the surrounding rural setting, the neighbouring buildings  and the adjacent Zero Carbon Hub for Solarsense, which was completed in 2017.  Clad entirely in timber, glass and solar panels, the houses provide open plan, flexible, double-height living spaces that open onto private southern gardens via a planted patio that allows winter sun into the space whilst shading from the summer sun.  The bedrooms and studies are arranged to have a private connection with the farmland and woods that dot the landscape around.

Planning was achieved as a departure from local policy by exchanging national Permitted Development rights to convert the existing warehouse (shown red in the plan below) into two new residences.  The proposed design provides privacy to the neighbouring bungalow and the existing office building, whilst enjoying views into the open countryside. It extensively reduces the amount of hardstanding and significantly increases the permeable area. Landscaping with native plants and trees increases the habitats for native fauna.  

The new buildings are highly insulated, benefit from passive solar-gain and are naturally ventilated through high-level roof lights.  The roof lights and large glazing give good daylight throughout and all artificial lighting is LED.  The homes will require very little energy to run, which will be provided by the large roof integrated solar arrays.  Water run off from the buildings will be into soakaways, minimising downstream flood impacts.

Birds eye view of proposed development from the south west
Existing Site Plan
Proposed Site Plan
View from the road, as proposed.
View of the most western house