sustainability and us

Our approach is to bring sustainability into all aspects of our work - from being a Green Office to carrying out Green Projects. 

Green Office

Key aspects of being a green business include: 

  • Electricity supplied by Ecotricity.

  • Actively recycling wherever possible.

  • Supporting the local economy by buying local - we are members of Bristol Pound.

  • Unless cars are needed for site visits, we all get to work through pedal power.

  • We are active members of the Backfields Lane GreenStreet initiative.

Backfields Lane GreenStreet

Backfields Lane GreenStreet

Green projects

All our projects are tested against key criteria and we seek to find opportunities in:

  • use of energy

  • energy generation

  • recycled materials and recyclabilty

  • saving water

  • transport

  • reduction of site waste

Projects with green credentials include:

  • Eco demonstration and training hub for Solarsense - this is a demonstrator project for renewable technologies.

  • Affordable housing at Battens Lane and Cumnor constructed to Passivhaus level of insulation and airtightness.

  • Sustainable retrofit -'light touch' retrofit projects such as for Emmaus, where sustainability is inherent in the re-use of existing resources.


here are a few more of our sustainable design projects