update Spring 2019

Spring is probably not yet here, but there are quite a lot things going on in the studio. Over the last month we have secured a number of new projects including a scheme for up to twenty homes for a co-housing scheme in Stroud and two fantastic homes at a former farm in Somerset, both enjoying amazing views over water.

Our housing project at the former farm complex at Staunton Manor Farm in Whitchurch is nearing completion, and looking absolutely stunning. Here it is pictured in the January snow. The project comprises six unique barn conversions along with renovation of the existing historic farmhouses. Each of the barns has a modern timber clad extension with high ceilings and bags of light. For information on buying, see the website for Whitecroft Developments.

In fact we are just starting out on our next project with Whitecroft. This is going to be two absolutely unique state of the art homes converted from a former chicken farm. Not much to look at now but plenty for us to get our teeth into.

Nearing completion too is our our project with the Green House to convert and extend the park lodge in St Agnes Park to as counselling rooms and offices.

In February, Sam and Billy featured in “Ask an Architect” in Bath for the local RIBA, and will be hosting the next meeting of the Bristol branch of the Association for Environmentally Conscious Builders. Looking ahead, Claire and Chris will be leading a talk and site visit to the Soil Association for the Green Register in April.

We generally share our Continuing Professional Development with a few local architects, and in the months ahead are planning some interesting talks in the studio on such diverse subjects as -aerogels, cross laminated timber, wool insulation and the the incorporation of arts in health buildings.

We recently hosted a couple of students for work experience -Chiquita a second year architecture student from UWE and Michael, a school student considering architecture as a career (Michaels sketch proposal for an extension featured above.

In our final piece of news, Stefania successfully passed her RIBA Part III at UWE, the final stage of becoming a UK Architect -congratulations Stefania!