Housing at Staunton Manor Farm

This proposal for Whitecroft Developments involves the conversion and renovation of an historic farmhouse complex near Whitchurch into eight unique homes.

The proposal is designed to preserve the original character and qualities of the Grade II listed Farmhouse and its farmyard setting, whilst creating sustainable and flexible accommodation suitable for modern lifestyles. 

This is achieved by retaining the existing frontages around the courtyard with extensions generally away from the central yard. The new extensions are highly insulated and clad in timber to contrast with the existing stone buildings to differentiate the contemporary additions.

 The yard defined by differential permeable paving to delineate distinctive areas as pathways, shared spaces and buffer zones and by retaining existing stone walls that enhance the sense of enclosure. 

Existing shrubs and trees on site will be retained, with further planting around perimeter to strengthen the green corridor for wildlife and provide summertime shading of south elevations.

The proposals are pending decision by BNES Planning.

Landscape and masterplan