Redland Green School

In January 2011 Askew Architects were asked by Redland Green School to bid for an extension to their five year old premises.

They wanted a simple price plus design proposals but we deliberately didn’t give them that.

We identified a number of issues with the school, not least of which was a poor self-image. This was a substantial secondary school newly built five years ago, and commissioned by the local authority in advance of any end users -children, teachers, parents. How could things be so wrong? There has to be a better way of working.

However, a number of opportunities were apparent, and we proposed a structured approach beginning with a masterplan. This considered everything from curriculum to issues of robustness. What we effectively submitted was a catalogue of ideas and possibilities. Unfortunately we did not secure the job, although we had very positive feedback on our approach.

We have continued to develop this approach working with a wider team of experienced consultants, including landscape designers, interior designers and educationalists under the brand of Transform Schools. We consider user needs starting under the key headings of:

  • Space
  • Branding and Image
  • Maintenance and usage
  • Adding value

Our offer is particularly interesting to many schools who have to make do with existing facilities under strict budgetary restraints. It is not about simply adding teaching accommodation -more about making best use of opportunities that may not be obvious.


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