Work experience - Penny

"I’m over the moon to have been part of the askew family for a week. I was made to feel welcome from the outset. I mean, on my first day, they cooked me risotto! It was delicious. It’s been a jam-packed week. I got to go along to building sites, sat in on meetings and learnt how to use a drawing board with a parallel rule."

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On the Drawing board ….. September 2014

The month of September kept us that busy that we didn’t even realise it is getting to the end!

After a lot of time and effort invested in all the detailed drawings for the affordable housing scheme for the Oxford Community Land Trust, now we can happily say we went out for Tender. The Contractors will come back with an answer for the end of October, in which we will keep you updated.

The affordable housing scheme for AEOB is starting this month –they are just about to sign the contract to buy the site at 22 Battens Lane in St George. After a year looking for a suitable site, they finally found the perfect empty office building to be refurbished into 6 social flats, and in the right area. We are ready to help them in their new adventure and develop the appropriate scheme.

Photo session on site with AEOB members

Photo session on site with AEOB members

We also received tender documents for Bristol City Council Housing Framework for which we are shortlisted, and look forward to making our bid.

On the Drawing board -August 2014

Oxford SIPS detail.jpg

Another busy month -a lot of time spent doing working drawings and specification for the affordable housing for Oxford Community Land Trust. We have been wrapped up with balancing the different criteria -Code for Sustainable Homes (level 5), Lifetime Homes, Secured by Design and meeting HCA Design Quality Indicators. Building is to be constructed using SIPS panels -see the draft detail opposite. All fascinating stuff. 

Closer to home, our small project for studio workspaces in Backfields Lane is due on site next week. Tight site and the works include re-roofing….should be interesting. 

Meanwhile we were happy to be shortlisted for Bristol City housing framework -ours is a collaborative bid with other local practices -tangentstudio and Barefoot Architecture.

The subject of cost has come up repeatedly in the last few weeks. We are seeing signs of inflation in the construction industry with prices rising sharply as contractors and suppliers seek to make up the losses of recent years. I fear the housing market is overheated again. Just hope it doesn't end in tears again. Either way it doesn't help those trying to provide affordable housing.

Lastly an opportunity came up for an interesting creative workspace development in Bristol, so have made a bid to buy the site. I notice articles appearing on shortage of workspaces -permitted development to convert to housing cannot help. We await the vendors decision.

Looking ahead, next month Joe will be working with Sam to prepare something more out of the ordinary…….watch this space.