Big Green Week: Smart Homes

As part of Big Green Week, Chris spoke this week alongside Kevin McCloud at the Smart homes event. His talk titled "A Cheats Guide to Plotfinding" took the form of a lighthearted slideshow featuring a walk from home to work in Stokes Croft, looking out for building site opportunities on the way.

Event description and timetable:

A unique opportunity to meet Kevin McCloud and a panel of sustainable building experts at this event designed for anyone interested in community development, self-build or renewable energy.

Housing is Bristol’s number 1 priority, and top of the list for the new city Mayor. In addition to reaching a target of 2000 per year, 800 of which are “affordable”, we need to make sure that we build communities rather than just housing. With land at a premium, fuel prices on the increase, and green space under threat, how can Bristol meet its housing needs whilst tackling inequality, climate change and resilience at the same time?


  • Introduction to Smart Living – Daren Hall, Director Love the Future
  • Developing our heritage; a new future for Bristol’s old buildings – Stephen Beggs, Curtins
  • The cheat’s guide to plot finding – Chris Askew, Architect
  • Is affordable housing a misnomer? Keith Cowling, Chair of the Bristol Community Land Trust
  • The Art of Retrofitting. What measures can I take to save heat-loss that wont spoil the look of my homes special features? Mukti Mitchell, Cosyhomes
  • Beyond the Boiler: how localised smart energy systems will connect you to your community, your own home and yourself. Toby Parker, Sustain
  • Homes not houses: the next generation of net energy positive community development  – Kevin McCloud & Mike Roberts of HAB Housing

Followed by drinks & networking

Advance tickets: £10 / Door: £12.50