Work experience - Penny

"Well what can I say about my work experience at Askew architects?

I’m over the moon to have been let into the askew family for a week. I was made to feel welcome from the outset. I mean, on my first day, they cooked me risotto! It was delicious. It’s been a jam-packed week. I got to go along to building sites, sat in on meetings and learnt how to use a drawing board with a parallel rule.

Being immersed in architecture has given me a real sense of the everyday realities of the profession. I saw so many interesting, inventive and creative projects. I saw that the design process is a series of a thousand careful decisions. It’s been a pivotal experience in my own decision to study Architecture.

I feel beyond lucky that my first real experience of architecture was with such an intimate and close knit team. It’s been a lesson in the power of choosing work that resonates with you. They are lovely people, a pleasure to work with and learn from. All of whom so freely shared their knowledge and skills. And I have never seen such a great reaction over a bunch of new shelves!"

Penny left us this amazing mind map describing the week she spent with us

During the week, Penny developed a project aimed at improving her own flat in Bristol:

"CONCEPT: Create a private space in busy Bristol where you can put on some mellow music, kick back with your mates and enjoy a good beer. My aim was create a cool chill out space on the roof, whilst also connecting our flat to our friend’s flat below and giving everyone a bit more space to breathe in the bedrooms. By the terrace being positioned facing north east, it avoided being over-looked by several large surrounding apartment buildings.

(...)  The design isn’t extravagant, it’s honest. It’s humble and cosy with a lot of raw materials, made to be lived in".