Gateway to Stokes Croft

A successful bid by Bristol City Council in 2012 lead to £5m of funding towards enhancement of key commuter routes, including the A38 which passing straight through this key area. 

The bid was an integrated package promoting low carbon alternatives to single occupancy car-use on six routes capturing 40% of journeys to work across the West of England. The project focused on the whole commuter journey by engaging employers, enabling journey choice by providing alternatives to the car, and working with commuters to address information and awareness barriers. Each works together to increase sustainable commuting, and contribute to reducing carbon emissions, supporting economic growth through congestion reduction and improving access to employment.

Part of the available fund would be set aside for creative proposals from the community. This Call for Proposals invited local artists, designers and artisans to come up with ideas to enliven and enhance to the core proposals, reflecting the unique creative nature of Stokes Croft.

The proposal considered the nature of the street between St James Barton roundabout and the junction with Jamaica Street. Preference was given to paved surfaces to give greater pedestrian emphasis using principles of shared space. Key junctions would have raised crossovers, and parking too would be on raised surfaces. At weekends these would revert to pedestrian use allowing an increased area for a Saturday street market and other community uses.



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