Stokes Croft retail and workspaces

Following the success of UDS Properties' first development project, Backfields Lane studios, a second project was sought and soon found; in the form of another more substantial building on Stokes Croft.

Enlarging their collaborative group to six people enabled UDS to buy and renovate the building on Stokes Croft into a cool shop and six more studio workspaces.

Completed in November 2011, we dropped a new secret courtyard into the centre of the building to give natural light and ventilation to the newly formed studio workspaces. The circulation corridor features a full length steel pole to chain user's bikes to, along with a 'textured' walls that forms the backdrop to occasional exhibitions. The building is fronted by a retail space, which is home to home to Bristol Dropouts fixie bike shop.

Like the first building this was rapidly filled with creative startups and has remained so since. The pictures below give some idea of the studio spaces and of the activities and events that have happened since the building opened. It is very much a felxible space that people can inhabit as they please.

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